Thermal & Radiation Regulating Systems

SpaceTek provides a range of thermal and radiation shielding equipment and clothing.

SpaceTek thermal regulation systems for habitats are simple and easily maintainable by those staffing the habitats. All systems are designed using standard parts which can be sourced from major suppliers in many countries.

The clothing range is specialised to hostile and extreme environments for working in indsutrial conditions. SpaceTek markets Extreme heat and cold weather gear as well as specialised clothing for toxic environments.

SpaceTek is currently working on a range of environment suits, and related equipment, for vacuum and space environments. This equipment is being developed with the cooperation of space agencies from Europe, Russia, South Africa and Australia and in partnership with the Spacetek Design Incubator registered in Singapore.

SpaceTek currently holds a patent on the SpaceTek Shield Blanket. The Shield Blanket is a thermal and radiation shield for habitats. The blankets are customizable for size and shape.
SpaceTek is a wholly owned subsidiary of Pacific West Data Pty Ltd
(ACN: 84-107-658-042)
Background image credit: Alessio Italy