SpaceTek is a hiTech design incubator focused on encouraging young designers and inventors to become involved in the space industry.

Industry support building habitats & equipment for hostile environments.
  • Laboratory
  • Arctic & Antarctic
  • Extreme Arid & Desert
  • Space & Space Research

Design and development of systems for environments with survival requirements and the need to move between spaces involving:
  • differing pressure levels
  • toxic environments
  • sterile environments
  • differring atmospheres
VRM Biologik agricultural education programs and the development of the BioRegen mission throughout Australia, Asia, Middle East & USA.

Tomars Initiative focused on building a collaborative business environment encouraging innovative projects to work together to provide sustainable business solutions into the future.

Nexus Aurora winners of the Mars Society city design competition. A community based incubator creating solutions to the challenges of habitation in Space.

Member of the International Astronautical Federation

Member of the Pacific West Group
Background image courtesy of & copyright by Alessio Italy