Industry support building habitats & equipment for hostile environments.
  • Laboratory
  • Arctic & Antarctic
  • Extreme Arid & Desert
  • Space & Space Research

Specialists in design and development of systems for environments with survival requirements and the need to move between spaces involving:
  • differing pressure levels
  • toxic environments
  • sterile environments
  • differing atmospheres
SpaceTek supports the following global initiatives for hi-Tech R&D, involvement of young people and environmental remediation:
VRM Biologik agricultural education programs and the development of the BioRegen mission throughout Australia, Asia & USA.
SpaceTek hi-Tech design incubator encouraging young designers and inventors from around the world to become involved in the space support industry.
Nexus Aurora design community encouraging education and involvement of people of all ages and all walks of life to come together for the sharing of ideas and creation of solutions which further the development of human society into space.
Member of the International Astronautical Federation
Member of the Pacific West Group
SpaceTek is a wholly owned subsidiary of Pacific West Data Pty Ltd
(ACN: 84-107-658-042)
Background image credit: Alessio Italy